How to buy shoe to distinguish sole stand or fall


  When we buy leather shoes, it is to see a style normally, wear comfortable not, perhaps ask the ground to be true leather, often neglected to see sole, original sole contain many secret.

  Introduction of male shoe stylist, general man is choosing when man type leather shoes, the most important is to want to see if it can satisfy the need that wear.If you exercise, you need to see if the soles can fit.Especially when doing sports, no matter which kind of form, the shoe brand that matches has a common feature: increase attrition, reduce slip probability;Support your feet from harm;Protect the joints.If you are walking, you should choose shoes with good cushioning at the heel and the sole of the foot.In general, running shoes are lighter than walking shoes and have stronger shock absorption, which helps protect bones and joints.Tennis, volleyball and basketball require a quick stop, lateral movement, and a quick run.If you are a fan of golf, cycling, football, rugby and softball, it's best to prepare a pair of professional sneakers.Choosing whether the sneaker fit is the primary factor, usually the shoes with good shock absorbing performance can slow the impact of external force on the feet.Under normal conditions, highly permeable shoes can cause rapid release of sweat and reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections in the feet.Casual shoe upper should have a larger reflection area, can make the person that likes to run at night more safe.When buying shoes, foot shape also should consider emphatically.A person with a flat arch should choose a pair of shoes with strong back support.People with high arch should choose shoes with strong shock absorption and stable heel. If you exercise frequently, you should choose shoes with anti-slip and anti-shock function on the sole.

  The insole is the layer closest to the foot that extends the life of the shoe.So insole must can tear wash, ability assures shoe interior sanitation, let sole have flexibility.The shoe should choose the synthetic mesh line that breathability is good to make a material, heel place also should make sure heel can slide to and fro.The shoelace had better be knitting, plastic or metal make fast tie shoelace, can let you tie shoelace easily and convenient so, and the shoelace of tying shoelace leather shoes is a bit safer.