Ladies sandals better not be too high with


  The feet, which had been hidden for months by "snow," welcomed the summer release.From the beginning of May 1, the market all kinds of summer supplies can't wait to enter.Sandals are definitely a big part of this.There are many different patterns of women's sandals in season on the market.Young men, by contrast, have few sandals.Some of the summery "hipster" footwear evolved from casual shoes that are in season.

  Plastic sandals sold in heavy rain

  Recently, the reporter learned from the interview that the prices of spring and summer shoes have increased this year, brand women's sandals are priced over 100 yuan on average, the price of plastic sandals in roadside stores are around 40 yuan on average, are more popular with the public.

  "It's been a lot of rain these days and single shoes are easy to get wet.Ms. Bai, who is shopping at a store in xincheng, said she buys at least two pairs of sandals every summer, one of which must be waterproof.And in yiwu trade city a few place stalls on, 20 yuan or so of plastic "crystal shoe", appearance is generous, the price is not expensive also draw many buyer to choose.The shop owner said that summer is sunny and rainy, many people are used to wearing sandals, convenient, cool and comfortable.

  Although they are a summer necessity, sandals can be learned.Mr. Wang, who has been repairing shoes for years, said that as the weather turns hot, he can repair a number of women's sandals a day.Wearing high-heeled sandals for long periods can lead to joint deformation and back pain, wang said.Many people will also buy flat sandals, if the sole is too thin, there are risks, wearing too thin shoes for a long time, easy to cause foot ankle, knee and other parts of pain.